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Lesbian only websites

"You may have been a christian for 35 years or 70 or 100 - it doesn't mean that you know or ever knew God."

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Petite ebony teen fucked by her stepbrother

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Tok | 13.03.2018
I should have known better. Trump supporters are great at just dismissing things that don't put Trump in a good light but they're also good at not addressing whatever is said. So I'll never know, specifically, how I "don't have any idea" what I'm talking about, supposedly. Not that I'll lose any sleep over that. I'll just have to accept the fact that Trump supporters live in an alternate universe with alternate facts. So I guess that Trump Jr. didn't meet with any Russians. It was all my "leftist" imagination running wild. In a perverse way, I'm as entertained as you are by this exchange of comments (as valueless as it was).
Narr | 23.03.2018
That video is a lie.
Jule | 25.03.2018
Ad hominem: "(of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining."
Tojajas | 03.04.2018
Apparently it means that YHWH created the heavens, and a formless world that contained a sea covered in darkness.
Arakus | 10.04.2018
Christian version of it, though.
Meztizilkree | 16.04.2018
...and they disagree. :)
Mosida | 20.04.2018
Huzzah! I hope it works out. A colonial like you wanted?
Gukus | 27.04.2018
yep. And according to most mental health experts, those with mental illnesses are actually more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violence.
Vijind | 07.05.2018
It sounds like you are trying not to understand.
Sazshura | 17.05.2018
Since the discussion is about the long-term effects of Christianity on history, I was thinking in cosmic terms here. Of course we all know from our Diqus conversations that individuals' religious interpretations are rarely malleable ;-) There is another level to interpretation though: the social level, where individual interpretations are accepted or rejected. It is in this sense that interpretations are malleable. As the circumstances of a society change, the interpretations of people within that society will change to fit the circumstances. It often is a glacial process, but there have also been moments in history where it has changed quite suddenly.
Faek | 20.05.2018
It's just a figure of speech.
Mezizahn | 27.05.2018
Well that's a bummer for sure!
Voodookora | 02.06.2018
There is no greater glory than to die as a martyr for your faith.
Meztijinn | 02.06.2018
Give the boyfriend AND the friends the boot. Easy. : )
Vudogar | 07.06.2018
Yeah... you always wonder why there are Christians who steadfastly argue you can ignore Levitical law... except for the top 10. Top 10 are inclusive of the rest through that loophole in 2.
Misar | 15.06.2018
I personally hope to be on the Ark for what is coming. Will you board?
Braramar | 22.06.2018
The design is "terrible" as judged by a member of a demonstrably confused species.
Vukree | 28.06.2018
No, he' not. Just radical Islamic terrorists.
Mezahn | 08.07.2018
The rich had a hard time letting go of wealth(idolatry) that's it. Beyond that, its easy to enter in. Its been done for us.
Kazir | 09.07.2018
They kept trying to persuade me to keep him in their school and then they wouldn?t return my calls and emails about giving me the things I needed for withdrawing him. It was ?we can do better, let?s make a better plan for him? uh ok, if you have something better up your sleeve why haven?t you shared that before now?! I?ve been beyond desperate for over a year now and none of them had time to help us. Suddenly when I withdraw him they?re bending over backward with a better plan?! Nope.
Kigarisar | 16.07.2018
You mean things like hair and finger nails? Gross!
Arashigar | 20.07.2018
It's also good to keep in mind that major writers such as Paul were well aware of the other followers of Christianity, particularly those who essentially compiled the biography of Jesus. He was a smart man, and decided it would be unproductive to reproduce texts that already existed. Why write out the entire volume of "Origin of Species" with every scientific article that analyses one type of bird? Simply because those reading were already aware of the overarching narrative. Logic.
Dum | 26.07.2018
Really? A distinction without a difference?
Gokora | 04.08.2018
How's that working so far?
Dazshura | 13.08.2018
I prefer not to estimate stuff I don't have nearly enough data for.
Dosida | 21.08.2018
That's exactly what the channel guidelines said when I read them.
Tulabar | 27.08.2018
Nothing in your remarks suggest that you made it past 8th grade.
Lesbian only websites

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